Our factory was founded in 1997 . employing about 400 highly qualified personnel , we are engaged in production of cap , hat , canvas bag and work glove ..ect and embroidered , imprinted among others

Covering total area about 1500 Square meters , our workshop are fitted with comprehensive production facilities. These including various cutting , sewing , embroidery , imprinting, ironing machines and their related with auxiliary equipments stringent quality control and policies have been instituted to guarantee the quality and delivery time for every order .

HOANG HAI procedures have been implemented to oversea all aspect of the production process with dozen of staff , the HH department has one supervisor available for every 6 production staff . further more we also have personnel engaged in conducting random inspection at different phases there include 3 staff attached to sales office , who are responsible final monitoring and testing of finished products before deliver to clients.

In order to promptly respond clients’ demand , our experienced sales force are always ready to cooperate with other department to reply question , handle inquiries , respond to feedback . these staff also work with our designed to fill ODM orders in accordance with customized requirements or supplied samples. The core of our corporate culture can be described in one sentence “ today highest performance is the lowest standard tomorrow “. adhering to this , we are confident of providing you the most satisfactory products and sincere service .

Our pricing is very compete with others producer in CHINA, INDIA , BANGLADESH ,
Caused is we have management from yarn- textile fabric – finished
That why : our price is including commission for buyer and price is always less than competitor
We are seeking lasting partnership and hope to have opportunities of forming in WIN-WIN relationship with your company.



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